Code Demos: Check out the new items (identified with the navy numbers) below.

New Samples

26. Drag-Sort Table - click and drag to resort the rows of a table.
22. Hotlinking Prevention - prevent hotlinking even without a valid referer.
23. Inline Images with JS - include an image in a page by putting the data in JavaScript. Works in Mozilla/FireFox only.
24. The Game of Memory - DHTML implementation of the classic game of Memory.
25. Image Map Editor - Example of an online image map editor

Older Samples

1. Finding Unclosed Tags with Regex - you can use this code to search a block of text for unclosed tags.
2. Organizing Data into Columns - this demo will show how divs can be used to organize data into columns.
3. Super-Simple DHTML Tabs - probably the simplest tabbed interface available.
4. Creating Spam-Proof Email - demonstrates how you can publish an email address on the web without worrying that spiders and search engines will be able to pick it up. The code is especially designed so that accessibility it still 100% for all platforms.
5. Right-Hand Navigation Concept - a concept for right-hand navigation that demonstrates a deficiency in MS's IE rendering engine.
6. Expando-Collapse Navigation Sample - an attempt at a simple cross-browser expandable menu using DHTML.
7. Pull Quote - shows how to replicate a complex pull quote using pure CSS.
8. Tabable Radio Buttons - demonstrates how you can use JavaScript to allow users to tab through all the elements of a radio button set. Normally, browsers skip from one radio button group to the next and only actually tabs to the selected element within each group.
9. Sortable Table - provides a sample for a cross-browser sortable table.
10. 50/50 Split Test - a CSS demo showing how to properly split a window into 2 side-by-side panels.
11. Caps Lock Detection - this code is an example of how to detect Caps Lock and how you can use that detection to prompt a user of a possible problem.
12. Mac-esque Dock Demonstration - this is an example of creating an interface similar to Mac's Dock.
13. Simple Bar Graph with CSS and HTML - shows how to create a simple bar graph without any images using CSS and HTML.
14. CSS Header Effects - demonstrates just a couple of the effects you can create by styling block elements.
15. Super-Simple DHTML Tree - super-simple DHTML tree... infinitely expandable, of course.
16. Replacing text between, not within, tags - how to replace text without affecting text within HTML tags.
17. Rounded Borders - create rounded borders using css without using tables.
18. JS Calendar - an example of how to incorporate a popup calendar in your application for selecting dates.
19. IIS6 Log Cleaner - cleans a log file of it's extra headers that appear mid-file.
20. Basic CSS Templates - a few basic 2 and 3 column layouts using pure CSS. Please provide feedback/fixes if you find incompatibilities so that I can update accordingly.
21. Stretching Background - demonstration of a "hack" to stretch a background image over the width and height of the viewport without using CSS3.

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